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Honour Killings

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Honour Killings

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Honour Killing - Murder of Surjit Athwal by her husband Sukhdave Singh Athwa and her Mother-in-law

Gulshanaa 23 year old girl, was murdered in district Sanghar, by her brother in the Honour Killings of honour. She was married, and 6 months back she was thrown out of her house by her husband who alleged that Gulshana had an affair. The report says she begged her brother not to kill her. I can imagine how much she would have resisted and begged her brother not to kill her. Even after the struggle of trying Killinga to think about her anymore, I cannot help myself. In Honour Killings silence of midnight, I am imagining the scene that continuously grabs my attention.

Honour Killing – an update

I can feel a weird silence Honour Killings around her dead body, the frightened girls of her age and the younger ones are watching the dead body from the window…. A body that was alive, breathing, dreaming, and hoping she would win. She would keep herself safe from her brother, from the society, which does not allow a girl to breathe. It does not allow women to live. It prefers the so-called honour instead. The fragile honour that is sometimes compromised when the women of a house do not wear the veil.

They kill girls for this and do not feel guilty. No one will listen to her mourning. My mind goes again to Honour Killings girls, who are not crying for her.

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Kililngs One must be her friend as she seems more depressed. Their eyes are not wet, lips are closed, but I can feel the grief, the Honour Killings all around. So, they coloured the roof red with her blood to keep their honour secure. No one is touching her because she got killed to save the honour of the family.

It does not let her dream. It does not let her think of a different life than the traditional one. This honour Honour Killings murdered another dreamer. This honour has ended the journey of girl in this world.

Honour Killings

The night will end, and days will go on. We will forget her like we forgot Qandil Baloch and all other poor Honour Killings. I am giving another try to sleep. Closed my eyes and am hoping someday they all Honour Killings stand together and end this system that does not allow us to sleep peacefully. My heart dies with such hatred of the women that should be loved. Who born your children and held your hate filled hand my mouth will open loud and clear, we see you and we hear.

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Honour Killings

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