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Aim: To develop and test the psychometric properties of an instrument assessing career success in nurses. Background: Despite the importance of achieving success in nursing, to date, this construct has been measured using unidimensional or generic scales not fully reflecting career success as perceived by nurses. Methods: This scale development study used a large sample of nurses across 10 hospitals in Tabriz, Iran. Items were generated based on existing literature and previous, research team-led, qualitative study, followed by testing content and face validity of the items. Findings: From the initial 73 items, fourteen rated by experts as 'not relevant' and seven with poor face validity were deleted. Exploratory factor analysis further identified 13 poor items. The final item solution extracted four robust career success factors: expected career progress, providing quality care, effective self-regulation, and person-organization fit. Nursing Career Development Nursing Career Development

Becoming a nurse is a career choice Nursing Career Development often provides a sense of job satisfaction and fulfillment. You'll need to hone several skills to be successful and efficient in this job, including communication skills, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail. In this article, we explore what nursing skills are, the top skills needed in this position, how to improve your nursing skills and how to highlight these skills when searching for a new job.

Nursing skills are specific skills needed to be successful in a nurse position.

Nursing Career Development

Being a nurse requires both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are those that are learned through training, education or certification.

What are nursing skills?

Soft skills are habits or traits that apply to a range of situations, such as interpersonal skills. Nursing school teaches individuals most of the hard skills they need. However, soft nursing skills will need to be developed to ensure appropriate behavior and bedside manner in the workplace.

Nursing Career Development

The following are several of the most important skills needed to be a nurse:. Communication is a very important skill for nurses, as they are in regular communication with a variety of individuals, including other nurses, doctors, hospital staff, patients and family members of patients. Nurses should be able to speak effectively and demonstrate good listening skills. Good communication skills nurses use include:. Read more: 10 Communication Skills for Career Success. Interpersonal skills are soft skills nurses need to be effective and successful. Deveolpment skills allow you to interact with others in a personable and positive way and promote the building of relationships and efficient Dwvelopment. Interpersonal skills encourage a person's ability to work well with others and ensure an individual is able to collaborate effectively when working Nursing Career Development part of a team.

Good interpersonal skills that nurses should prioritize include:. Nurses often work as part of a medical team to provide comprehensive care to patients. When working Nursing Career Development part of a team, nurses should be able to cooperate with other members of the team to achieve a common goal. Good teamwork skills ensure effective communication and promote overall success in the workplace.

Nursing Career Development

Essential teamwork skills needed by nurses include:. Empathy is a person's ability to put themselves in another person's Nursing Career Development. Skills related to empathy help you better perceive others and understand what they're going through. Nurses often work with individuals struggling with health issues such as illness and injury, so being able to relate to them and appropriately respond to their requests is essential. Good empathy skills to possess as a nurse include:. Critical thinking is a skill that Caeer individuals to assess information and make educated judgments based on their findings. As a nurse, this skill is essential as most nurses must analyze certain patient situations Nursing Career Development make the best decisions based on the facts presented.

Critical thinking skills needed by nurses include:.

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Read more: 6 Examples of Critical Thinking Skills. Nurses are responsible for patient care and must have strong attention to detail to Nursing Career Development no medical mistakes are made. Additionally, nurses are responsible for documenting patient status and progress and must make sure that all information is input correctly and remains up to date.

They must also listen closely when patients describe symptoms and conditions and ensure medication is distributed properly. Detail-oriented skills that nurses should prioritize include:. Good time management skills ensure nurses effectively manage their time and tend to patients Careeg a timely manner.]

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