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The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research. While scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation , they theorize that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetic , hormonal , and environmental influences. Biological theories for explaining the causes of sexual orientation are favored by scientists. The influence of hormones on the developing foetus has been the most influential causal hypothesis of the development of sexual orientation. The presence of the Y-chromosome in males prompts the development of testes, which release testosterone, the primary androgen receptor-activating hormone, to masculinize the fetus and fetal brain. This masculinising effect pushes males towards male typical brain structures, and most of the time, attraction to females. It has been hypothesized that gay men may have been exposed to little testosterone in key regions of the brain, or had different levels of receptivity to its masculinizing effects, or experienced fluctuations at critical times.

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Managing A Portfolio At Investing Oct 28,  · Is Homosexuality A Personal Choice Or Is It Genetics? Words | 9 Pages. religious, and personal beliefs have shaped many opinions and views on the perspective of homosexuality, thus creating opposing spheres without the consideration of scientific evidence. 8 hours ago · debate over nature versus nature continues over the causes of homosexuality is there a gay gene is there something about the way a child is raised that can turn her gay or is being gay simply a choice taking a look at the major genetic biological and psychological theories of the ori what causes sexual orientation genetics biology psychology 1. 4 days ago · Current attitudes and developments in society and the Christian community place more responsibility on Christian counselors and psychotherapists to be aware .
Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice

It has been two years since the historic judgment by the supreme court of India, decriminalizing the article Since then, there has been groups of people supporting and opposing the judgment. So why was the article decriminalized and why was an article there in the first place? To get this, we have to first think about the difference between sex and sexuality. Is there even a difference pity, Group Cohesion happens sex and sexuality?

So before we dive deeper in the scientific parts regarding the sex and sexuality, let us look into a little bit of history of this specific article. Sectionof the Indian Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice Code was introduced by the British in the year This made the sexual activities that were against the order of the nature, illegal.

Over the years, a lot of politicians have accepted the articleand have maintained that homosexuality or bisexuality or any other sexuality which was against the order of the nature was a criminal act. In this article, I will try to give Homosexualitt scientific perspective of whether these different sexuality are in fact against the nature or if they are natural. So for the convenience of writing and reading, I will henceforth address just homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Once we understand the perspective of those two sexualities, we will be able to draw a line on bisexuality or pansexual or any other sexuality. Most of the people attribute homosexuality to the environment that a person is brought up. They say that when Homisexuality environment that a person grows up in becomes Genetuc, they usually take up homosexuality.

But that is far from the truth. A lot Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice medical and biological researchers, have done a lot of work on this topic, as to which factor singles out a person to orient a person towards the same sex.

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And out of these countless researches, people have given countless reasons like there is a genetic factor or there Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice a gay brain and so on. But there is one specific reason, I recently saw a video on, that has made me write this article. It was an insightful episode which could change your perspective. I do recommend you to view this series. It gives a very good insight on the growth of a baby right from the first week of article source to the last week. From this series, I have Homozexuality a specific episode to write this article.

This episode talks about how the sexual orientation of the baby gets decided. All the babies are born as girls initially.

Personal choices are very important in one’s life. The stories that will be compared are, “The Use

The human fetus is a girl. Based on the chromosome received from the father whether X or Y, the amount of the hormone called testosterone produced varies. This hormone actually decides whether the fetus is a boy or a girl. This is where the nature plays its part in deciding the sexuality of the baby. The sex and sexuality of the baby are not determined in the same week. Initially, based on the amount of testosterone Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice, the ovaries formed in the fetus will either stay and the baby is born a girl or the ovaries will, develop and descend as testis and the baby is born a boy. If more amounts of the testosterone hormone is produced, the ovaries will develop into testis and a boy fetus is developed and if the amount of testosterone is lesser, then the ovaries will stay and the girl fetus stays into a girl fetus. This is what we call as the sex of a person.

Now coming back to the hormones, as Continue reading had earlier mentioned, will now decide the sexuality of the baby. After the hormones decide the sex of the baby, that is after a week or two of the initiation of the development of either the male or female reproductive organs, the hormones now take a trip towards the brain.

Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice

Just similar to how the hormones changed the reproductive organs of the baby, the hormones will make a change in the brain. This change will then decide the sexuality of the baby.

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Normally, we would expect the brains to accept the same amount of the testosterone as was accepted by the body. That is where the nature plays the trick. The brain may or may not accept the same amount of hormones accepted by the body. Sometimes, the Geetic may accept more testosterone than the amount accepted by the body or it may accept lesser amounts of testosterone than the body.]

Homosexuality Genetic Or A Choice

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